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Western Washington's premier custom home builder brings together professional design and construction expertise. 


From concept, to design, to build.

At Hill Custom Homes, we founded our business on our custom projects. As an award winning custom home builder, our pride is in our craftsmanship and attention to detail at each phase of the process. With our experienced staff in the initial design phase to our team of professional contractors throughout the whole build process, we will insure your new home will exceed your expectations as you enjoy it for years to come. 


Learn, discover, begin your new project.

Which remodel project will give you the best return on your investment? The answer most often heard is the kitchen and bathroom(s). However those choices may not be the best for your home. It is possible another area may be in more urgent need of a facelift. Find out on our remodel page and then take a look at our before and after photos and then contact us today for a consultation on your remodel project.