Which remodel project will give us the best return on investment?
The answer most often heard is the kitchen and bathroom(s). However those choices may not be the best for your home. It is possible another area may be in more urgent need of a facelift. Your home only gets one chance to make a first impression. A buyer may decide they want to buy your home from the curb. Looks count! Out of date siding, and underwhelming entry, and uninspired landscaping are good candidates and will cost less than a new kitchen.

Accessories like door hardware, cabinet knobs, and light fixtures are all easily replaced with updated products. Bath and kitchen sinks and faucets can easily date a house. Do you have any mature wallpaper with birds and flowers?
You shouldn't.

Back to kitchens. A new countertop (laminate, tile, granite, the new quartz products) may be all that it takes. Be honest about the quality and configuration of your cabinetry – once you install new tops, you don't want to take them out later if new cabinets are on the horizon. Consider adding a new island – and don't be afraid of contrasting cabinet and color. If you can find a way to plumb in an island prep sink, great. Another impact idea is to install a tile backsplash up to the wall cabinets and also under counter task lighting. Take a look at a new kitchen floor - stone or tile are both durable, low maintenance and with the new epoxy grouts now available your worries about stained grout joints are past. New appliances might be on the list. Stainless is still in and harvest gold won't be back – forever. Think out of the box when choosing a new refrigerator. Instead of a new 48" unit, how about a 36" unit and another smaller under counter refrigerator located in the island?

The best return on remodel dollars will be those spent to update the home where it is most needed. The best money spent will be that which makes you happiest.

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Featured in Kitchen and Bath, Custom Home, Luxury Home, Estate Homes, and Builder and Professional Builder Magazines, Jeff Hill has earned a reputation for translating design into highly sought after showpieces. His goal is to "build a home that gives joy to each new homeowner, for the rest of their lives." You will see Jeff Hill's tireless dedication to undeniable quality and beauty, in every facet of his projects.

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